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I mentioned earlier some good video editing software. Today, I’ll talk briefly about some advanced ones. I’d like to start with the fact that I use such apps for personal use only. However, even normal users need some advanced features sometimes – not to mention the quality.

Please refer to my earlier post (Video Editing)

DaVinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve Logo

This is one of the best advanced editors I’ve ever tried. Having some experience in media, my colleagues in editing departments prefer this one especially in color editing. Honestly, they work with Adobe’s too; but I never been and won’t be a fan of Adobe’s products.

The free version can do almost every thing you need. The paid version (one time payment) has some extra features that normal users won’t need. I bought it once but, of course, I sold the license on eBay as I haven’t needed it. The license can be transferred between your devices and operating systems (Windows & MacOS).

My only thing with this software is it’s heavy. So don’t expect smooth experience on laptops even if they are high end ones. On the other hand, learning curve is a little bit difficult. But worth the time.

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro Logo

As it’s made by Apple, I can assure Final Cut has very smooth experience on my MacBook. It’s easy and user friendly. If you are familiar with iMovie, then this won’t be that difficult. It can do most of the things Davinci Resolve do but sometime might need extra plugins. Personally, I’m not a big fan of extra plugins.

This is my main choice due to the simplicity and smoothness not to mention the easy transfer/synchronize between iMovie on iPhone and the app on MacBook.

It’s not free but worth every penny. For better result, additional software (from Apple) might be needed: Motion and Compressor.

Do you use any of these?!

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  1. I have not used these. However, my son just got his first Mac and LOVES it. I will be sure to tell him of your recommendation for Final Cut Pro. He edits a lot of video. Thank you for sharing this!!!


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