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I talked earlier about some cloud storage services for videos. I usually do some adjustments, trimming, organizing, … to my videos before having them uploaded and shared. New technologies are making things easier in this field…

Please refer to: YouTube vs Dailymotion

Cyberlink Powerdirector

This is the most powerful and affordable program. It’s suitable for novices and professionals. Their mobile apps are handy too. Cyberlink, recently, released a lighter version called “Action Director”. I tried it for a while, but I believe I still prefer Power Director – mainly because audio control things. This application was my choice for years. I’ll get back again after I finish my subscription with WeVideo.

In general, video editing applications require high-end computers for rendering.


Similar apps

Sony Vegas is powerful but expensive. I have not tested this one fully.

Corel Video Studio is powerful and affordable. Although my laptop is very powerful, I find this app heavy and slow. Additionally, there is no mobile app.

NCH Edit Video. I have not tested this one fully. But I’m always keeping an eye on there. It’s affordable and looks easier in comparing to other similar applications.

sony_vegas  Corel  NCH


This is my choice for now. It’s a cloud video editor. With Google is shutting down their YouTube’s video editor, this is the only solution I’m aware of on Chromebooks. Relatively, it’s very suitable for ultrabooks or low-end laptops as rendering is being done in clouds. Have I mentioned collaboration!

In my case, I auto backup my mobile’s camera to OneDrive. So, in seconds, backed-up videos are imported to WeVideo where I do the editing. I export my rendered videos then to YouTube or Dailymotion (there are more options). The exporting is being done very quickly too. For me, this is easier and faster than doing the job on my computer. Of course, in case an offline back up is needed, I have to download the finished video(s).

WeVideo has affordable and expensive plans.


Do you use any of those apps and what is your preferred one for editing videos?

10 thoughts on “Video Editing”

  1. For a quick edit and conversion of basic clips I’ve often used Windows Movie Maker. Recently, though, I’ve been using the free trial version of ‘Lightworks’. It allows long term use of the trial but requires a weekly sign in.

    A recent review from the computer store PC World stated the exporting options were limited. I disagree, it allows an export directly to Vimeo or YouTube and as it also saves to own computer I don’t see the problem. Removing unwanted middle sections of individual clips is a quick and simple process, something that Movie maker fell short on. I don’t have any interest in using the iPad or iPhone for editing I prefer to use my PC so I’ve no idea if an app is available.

    I have a copy of Power Director but I haven’t tried it yet. My plan is to trial a new editor each month and then decide which I prefer. All fun stuff, just a hobby to keep me occupied!

    Thank you for the useful information Mohamad I shall try out.

    • Thank you very much, Sue, the briefing about Lightworks. I haven’t got a chance to test it yet. I’ll do hopefully. Windows Movie Maker was one of the best in simplicity and doing the work. I’ve heard there trying to introduce into Windows 10 again.

  2. I’m an extreme lightweight when it comes to video editing, as such I favor Wondershare’s Filmora. I’m sure it doesn’t have nearly the power of some of these others but it’s a very kind learning curve and gives quick results.


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