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Most blogging sites use WYSIWYG in editing. For normal users, this is more than enough. WordPress, for example, has a good post editor with option of HTML for extra formatting…


I’m pretty sure most writers know about this language. So, I apologize in case I’m repeating some known information. The internet is also full with a lot of comparisons about the best software in this field – such as iA Writer (my preferred one) and Ulysses or Scrivener (preferred by novels/books writers).

Personally, I’m into Web Designing since long time ago. Thus, formatting my posts using HTML is much easier for me than Markdown especially with languages that are Right to Left (e.g., Arabic).

In WordPress, you may need to go to the settings to enable Markdown in your posts.


If your post contains a lot of math formulas, learning this typing system is a huge plus. Yet, HTML can do a lot here, LaTeX is much easier and more common in this field. Luckily, WordPress, supports LaTeX.

Most Markdown editors supports LaTeX. MS Word and Apple Pages also do.

So, do you use Markdown and LaTeX in your posts or it’s only the simple WordPress text editor?

11 thoughts on “Formatting our posts”

  1. I earn my living as a web developer, but my blogs are really about the writing and photos so I keep the layout pretty simple. I use the WYSIWYG mostly and switch to html when I need to fo anything a bit more. Never tried markdown.

    • Thank you very much, George, for your input. I do exactly the same. I try to keep things as simple as possible. Unfortunately, with language like Arabic (RTL), I need to use HTML a lot.

  2. I have no tech training (other than what I taught myself) so I use the easiest method possible for WordPress and my own website design programme is WYSISYG. No mathematics on either site; only pictures 🙂

    • Hehehe. Thank you Kerry for your input. Most of us waste our time in things we think we need or that are important. We could produce and be productive enough just by using the simple things we have. That is what we should care of at first place


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