Photoshop Tips

I’m learning Photoshop… So, here are some tips that I learned recently about cropping images into shapes. I thought it’d be helpful to share them here.

Creating Clipping Mask

Refugees cropped from Ukrainian and Syrian flags

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Let’s play, Kitten

This cat is “Moonlight”. She used to live beside our home and we used to spend good time with her daily. Unfortunately, she disappeared! Like many of our beloved ones, we lost contact with her! I merged many clips into this video. I believe I have more but it seems that I lost them too…

Social links

I noticed lately that I’m posting a lot of links to posts of my blog and to the directory listings on my Twitter and Facebook.

Thanks for those who notified me that some are bothered with this… Thus, I initiated the following two accounts for this purpose: Site’s updates, links to my blog posts, and notification of new listings on MK Blog Directory.

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Seeking refuge in the truth

Sanctions, weapons, deaths, destruction, refugees… The news talks about nothing but these topics lately…

If someone talked in the favor of civilians, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are supporting one party over the other. It’s just that any solution that doesn’t end a war soon, is simply a chance to kill more innocents, maximize the number of refugees, and increase the suffering & poverty of even more people from all parties.

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Build your online personal brand

Building your online presence is easy and affordable. If you offer services, this increases clients awareness and positively affect your credibility. From personal perspective, this enhances your online image that is very important for your career.

All you need is a website with you custom domain name (e.g., and a professional email using this domain (e.g.,

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