Media Editing

Simple comparison of apps relate to this subject:

Media Editing
ToolNormal UserAdvanced User
Photo (raster)Affinity Photo,, GIMPAdobe Photoshop
Logo (vector)Affinity DesignAdobe Illustrator
Video EditingiMovie, Cyberlink PowerdirectorFinal Cut Pro, Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere
Audio EditingGarageBand, AudacityLogic Pro, Reaper, Adobe Audition

Have you ever used any of those? What are your preferred ones?

3 thoughts on “Media Editing”

  1. I use audacity for editing audio and although I have used photoshop I prefer open source wherever. I use for creating my comic strip and for colouring in drawings. I’ve used it for many many years.
    I still have ancient Microsoft photo editing software that still does the business pretty well.


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