7 Beautiful Places To Visit In Trinidad And Tobago

Hi, there. I’m Adanna or AmethystAP, which I usually go by online. I’m so thrilled to be guest-writing today for Mohamad Al-Karbi. It’s a pleasure to share a bit about my corner of the world in Mohamad’s Around The World Series.

I live in the beautiful dual islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Yes, two islands but one nation. These dual-islands are a tiny dot on the map, but they can be found in the southern Caribbean, northeast of Venezuela and south of Grenda. Trinidad, where I reside, is the bigger and more populated island. Tobago is less developed but a popular tourist site with reefs and beautiful beaches. 

Trinbago, as we sometimes refer to it, is famous for its Carnival held yearly on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. It is a festive event that brings in a lot of tourists. Artistes and artists can participate in many cultural events and showcase their talents. Carnival is a time of exuberant celebrations, music and costumes with events for kids and adults, making the Carnival celebrations enjoyable for all. It’s something to engage in or witness at least once.

Apart from Carnival, Trinbago has many beautiful places for you to visit and explore. In today’s post, we will discuss seven of those places you can explore on your next vacation.

7 Must-Visit Places In Trinidad and Tobago

The Capital, Port of Spain and Queen’s Park Savannah, Trinidad

In the capital of Trinidad, Port-of-Spain, you will find the Queen’s Park Savannah. This savannah is the largest open recreational area in Trinidad, occupying about 260 acres of land with a perimeter of approximately 2.2 miles. This savannah is the epicentre for the Carnival celebration. It is also the largest traffic roundabout, and it is common to see people walking or running around its perimeter. There are many vendors and places to keep you entertained. You can explore places like the Emperor Valley Zoo, Botanical Gardens and the Magnificient Seven. You can spend the entire day here and have a great time.

Asa Wright Nature Centre, Trinidad

This 600-nature centre was once a cocoa and coffee plantation but is now a nature reserve. This beautiful site with its eco-lodge was a wonderful place to visit and spend time with nature. Being surrounded by nature, wildlife, especially birds and going on nature trails was the best. However, due to the pandemic, the centre has been closed. Unfortunately, its eco-lodge has been permanently closed. It is now strictly a wildlife sanctuary. Despite that, I had to mention it in this post as it major part of my Trinidad life. Here’s hoping they allow visitors again in the near future.

Maracas Bay, Trinidad

This beach is one of the most popular ones in Trinidad. The ride alone makes it a wonderful place to visit. It’s about a 45 minutes drive from Port-of-Spain. You pass through the mountainous rainforest, making the ride an adventure itself. At the beach, you can rent umbrellas and chairs. There are many vendors selling food and wares. Be sure to try some bake and shark while you are there. There are also showers available so you can clean up before you leave.

Mount St. Benedict Monastery, Trinidad

This monastery was established in 1912 and is located east of Port-of-Spain, in the borough of Tunapuna. It is an uphill drive as the monastery rises above the Northern Range Hill. While you are there, you can go into the abbey to pray and leave a light, visit The Pax Abbey shop or sit and watch the view outside. It’s a peaceful experience for those who want to enjoy some quiet time and self-reflection.

Pigeon Point Heritage Park, Tobago

Pigeon Point is a popular site in Tobago. You can spend the entire day here exploring the beaches, shopping from vendors and relaxing in the sun with all the necessary amenities for a day out. However, you do have to pay a fee to enjoy these luxuries. Additionally, you can take a boat from here and go snorkelling in the beautiful Buccoo Reef or swimming in the waters of the Nylon Pool. 

Fort King George, Tobago

 King George’s Fort is a must-visit destination. The view is breathtaking as you look over the coast and town. It’s a great place to explore and experience a bit of the past. The well-maintained lawns make a wonderful place to sit and have a picnic under the shade of the trees. You can also purchase some lovely artwork from vendors as souvenirs. 

Argyle Waterfall, Tobago

The hike alone to these falls are worth the visit. The trail is well maintained and refreshing, with all the trees and plants around. It’s a great family trip to make as the hike is not strenuous and is only about 30 minutes max. When you get to the location, park and pay, you can access the snack bar and washrooms before getting started.

There are so many more places for you to explore in beautiful Trinbago it would take a while to go through. I hope this post gave you some new vacation-worthy places to check out when it’s possible. Be sure to visit my blog at loveinspirelearn.com, where I share lifestyle and personal development content at least once a week.

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  1. Stunning and thank you for the tips. When international travel is back into full swing, that is one of my destinations.


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