Travel Guide: Italy in few days

A friend of mine asked me about my recommendations for their quick visit to Italy. Following were my notes based on my experience for: Italy Trip Planning.


  1. Land at Roma (min. 3 days)
  2. A train to Pisa, tour the city for couple of hours
  3. A bus to Hotel de Carlos between Pisa and Lucca (you can skip but it’s very cozy one)
  4. Visit Lucca next day for few hours.
  5. A train to Venice (min. 2 days)
  6. Fly out of Italy from Venice

If you want to visit Florence, Sienna, or Cortona, you have to arrange it around Lucca (or, of course, Florence). For example, when done with Venice, take the train to Rome. Stop in Florence for few days to visit Sienna and Cortona. Then fly out of Italy from Rome. In this area, I download CSEM EMSC (lastquake) app for earthquakes notifications if any.


Recommended Hotels: Mecenate Palace Hotel (Santa Maria Maggiore), Santa Maria (Trastevere), Hotel Damaso (Campo de Fiori)

Must visit: Vatican, Santa Maria Maggiore, Campo de’ Fiori, Vatican, Colosseum, Trastevere Hill (and the Basilica di Santa Maria), Spanish Steps, and Fontana de Trevi. If cooking classes are open, don’t miss it. Villa Borghese is a must. d’Esti garden if you can (near Rome)


Recommended Hotels: Residenza Il Villino B&B (near Piazza della Repubblica), Hotel David (the nearby hill is amazing: Piazzale Michelangelo)

Must visit: Piazza della Repubblica & the near cafes in addition to the bridge shops.


Try to stay at hotel with view at the Grand Canal. I prefer near the train station of the island. There, you’ll easily find about what to see and what to do..

Milan, Naples

In all my trips to Italy, I repeat the above path. For Milan, it’s a modern city that its life/tourism might be different than the old or country side of Italy. However, Lake Como is wonderful. Amalfi coast and sea caves in Napoli are amazing too.

Our beloved Italian friend, Paola, named Matera, Alberobello, and Lecce as must-see places in the South too.

P.S., this isn’t a sponsored post; I have no affiliate with any mentioned name. It’s totally based on my experience and own taste.

29 thoughts on “Travel Guide: Italy in few days”

  1. Thank you for a very good and personal guide.
    I agree. The mentioned cities are all must-see, even it is hard to single out places in Italy, because there is so much to see all over the country; 58 UNESCO sites (Top 1 in the World along with China).
    Two extra tips:
    1. In corona times, in order to enter Italy, one should fill out a Passenger Locator Form for Italy (found via internet search) OR maybe something similar.
    2. Before travelling: Reserve a place and book tickets on official booking sites, because at the moment e.g. in Rome, many places there are no ticket sales and there is a waiting list to get into attractions. So do book in advance to be able to visit places like Colosseum. I also recommend the Vatican Museum, which is extraordinary. And/or visit St. Peters Cathedral (Basilica St. Pietro).
    Happy travel.

    • Thanks a lot, Marina, for the very important notes. Very helpful additions.
      And Yes, visiting Vatican, while in Rome, is a must and one of the postulates. It and Basilica St. Pietro shine most during Christmas’ of course. (post updated)

    • Grazie mille, Paola. Who doesn’t love Italy! Sure, I just don’t have much experience in the south area and I tried to keep the post in cope with my own experience. As Italian, would you please shortly mention the must-to-see things there?

  2. We have visited Italy a number of years ago but were on a motorbike trip with a previous coworker and native Italian. We visited Rome, Venice and Florence and some other lovely areas. Wish I could visit Italy again.

  3. Italy is a wonderful place to visit! I’ve never been to beautiful Florence, but Rome is plenty to see in even a week or more. I’ve also been to Venice. As great as Venice is, I oddly liked some of the smaller towns just west of it even more, like Padua. The whole small town experience is something I’d hope they see at least a little of. If the bus trip stops briefly in some towns, that would be ideal.

    • Thank you very much for your inputs. They are very valuable. I agree with you; i travelled to Italy many times and I still feel there are a lot yet to been especially in Rome. Hopefully someday, I’ll be able to see those small towns in the west of Venice. In general small towns have their own charms

    • Thank you very much. I apologize; I just noticed that I haven’t replied to your comment. The three combinations you mentioned are what make us keep visiting Italy. I adore Lucca too.


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