YouTube vs Dailymotion

YouTube has the largest database ever as almost everyone uses it. The only two competitors I know are Dailymotion and Vimeo. I prefer Dailymotion though. Because I live aboard, I mainly use such services to share my own videos with family and friends…

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  • Unfortunately, Google stopped its video editor as no one is using it. It was very handy and free.
  • Copyright issues. Google is very strictly watching over copyrights. A music coming from the car’s radio could cause the video to be marked as violation!
  • I wish they kept the connection with contacts. That’s, ability to share a movie with a specific contact where no one else can see it. I think they are heading into restoring this back in someway.
  • If you’re into public videos, YouTube has the largest database and users. Thus, getting your movie noticed is not as easy as in Dailymotion or Vimeo. Some might argue about this in the opposite direction!
  • If you want to download your own videos, they will be at lower quality than the original uploaded.


  • It’s not Google’s.
  • Breaching of copyrights is not allowed here too. However, I think copyrights’ claims are less in comparing to YouTube.
  • Sometimes, they have issues with quality of the uploaded videos. I think they solved that in their latest update.
  • Dailymotion offers monetizing options as in YouTube.
  • I hate the upload limits here. 2hrs-length of upload per 24 hrs. However, the quota is increasing over time.

Give Dailymotion a try; you won’t regret it.

I haven’t talked about Vimeo here because it’s mostly not free. Rather, I believe it’s expensive. Additionally, I never liked their mobile app.

Do you use video services other than YouTube? Do you use such services for sharing your own videos privately with family and friends?

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