Move your YouTube channel to another account

You might find some articles online about how to transfer or move your YouTube channel from one account to another or how to change the ownership of a YouTube channel, but they were very confusing to me. Here, I’m writing about my own experience.

On the old account:

I. Create Brand Account

Add or manage your YouTube channels
  1. Go to
  2. Click on your profile picture (top right) and go to settings.
  3. Under account settings, click “Add or manage your channels”
  4. Click “Create a channel”, choose a name and click “CREATE”

Check if you have a brand account through this link: Brand accounts if any will be listed there.

check if you have YouTube brand account

II. Switch to this brand account

YouTube settings; switch account
  1. Back to
  2. Click on your profile picture and choose switch account to the new created one.

III. Change owner

YouTube manage owners
  1. Click on your profile picture and choose YouTube Studio.
  2. Go to settings from there. Under Permissions. Section, choose “Manage Permissions”
  3. Add the new google email (the one you want to move this channel to) as an owner

Please note that you have to wait 7 days to change this owner into a “Primary Owner”.

Brand Account will keep:

  • Channel Handle. That’s, my URL “” hasn’t changed.
  • Uploaded videos, subscribers, views, and other statistics.
  • Liked videos and Watch Later.

However, you’ll loose:

  • Your YouTube history.
  • Your own comments if any.

Final Note: You do this on your own risk. To move your YouTube channel to another account is very risky that you might delete your channel by mistake and loose every thing. It’s not recommended unless you really need to. In my case, YouTube channel was associated with my Google Workspace account that I’m cancelling in the very near future.

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