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On, a basic subscription has 6GB of storage space. The space may vary based on the subscription level or the platform used. However, it’s still limited. One important hint is to host your media (photos, videos, and files) on different platforms and link to them on your blog. This way, the media won’t be calculated against your blog’s quota.



For me, this is the best place to store pictures and embed them into my website(s). It’s easy and there are a lot of flexible options… I also find it useful to have photos’ comments, if any, in one place no matter where I embed the photos.


You need to paste the Embed code into your post in HTML section as illustrated below:


OneDrive Photos offer the option of embedding pictures but it’s less flexible and a little bit complicated in comparing to Flickr – not to mention the cost.

Unfortunately, Google Photos doesn’t offer the option of embedding pictures. There are indirect ways to do it though.


Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, … Some cloud storage’s, such as OneDrive, have bandwidth limit for free accounts!


YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, … You may like to check my other post: YouTube vs Dailymotion.

Do you use any of the above? Have you encountered a shortage in your blog’s storage?

34 thoughts on “Save storage space on your blog”

  1. I am worried. I have a photo-heavy blog. I suspect I must be reaching a limit soon. How do I check this? If I delete photos from my account, I assume that removes them from the original blog post. Eek. Now I am panicking about my account limit. Thanks for posting this…is there a WordPress for Dummies link you can send to help me understand this better? (Dumb it down…I mean…really, really dumb it down. Then I might understand it.)

    • Hi Kiri, thank you for your note. You can easily check the available space by going to WorPress/Settings/Media at top right corner. Yes, deleting a photo will save space.

      My first suggestion is to compress the photo before uploading to WordPress; there are many apps do this, but my recommendation is doing that online: (free). This saves a lot! Second, you may use other services such as Flickr (free up to 1000 photos) and SmugMug (not free). Google Photos and OneDrive offer embedding pics and videos but not in easy way. For video, subscribing to WordPress other plans, could offer free video hosting – not sure which plan is this. But you can have your video hosted on Flickr, SmugMug, YouTube (free), Vimeo (free with limitation), or Dailymotion (free).

      For assistance, please don’t hesitate asking me. I’ll be gladly assist. Furthermore, some WordPress plans offer free instant chat assistance for almost anything you need. And of course, searching (Google, Bing) will result in a lot of guidance.


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