There should be a next life!

sad-tearsTen years ago, I was …..

Well, life was more beautiful and much easier.

Things have changed!

War or terror…  I lost friends, family members, and properties. I lost a lot of my beautiful memories. I have close ones that I see their sorrows yet I’m not able to offer a lot of help.

Responsibilities with distance… I have no much time left nor do I have the required power!

My heart, prayers, and thoughts are with all who are suffering (including me).

Is it shameful for men to cry?!

P.S., I’m sorry, Linda. I started this post with an intention to write something for you, my dear friend regarding your loss. Rather, I found that I’m writing about myself and about this life.

60 thoughts on “There should be a next life!”

  1. One of the great injustices of life is being raised that Men don’t cry. My folks always said it made you weak.
    It wasn’t until I learned to cry that I realized how strong it really made me.


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