Big mistake, Microsoft!

I apologize in case this post doesn’t fit well into this blog or its readers’. I’d like to consider it as a message from a loyal customer to Microsoft in a hope they stop their stupidity!

I’m not going to talk about the applied limitations on and OneDrive (such as, quotas and bandwidth) in favor of paid Office365. I also won’t mention that Cortana forces the use of MS Edge… I’ll just discuss a case about Bing:

  • You are turning your Bing Search app on Android into a browser.
  • I won’t quit using Firefox as my default browser.
  • Thus, I’ll switch to Google Search app.
  • As I like things to be synchronized between my phone and computer, I’ll use Google search on my computer too.
  • Moreover, Google Search app on Android tries to force the use of Google products. So, I’ll have to use Google Maps (instead of Sygic), Google Translator (instead of Bing Translator), Google Assistant (instead of Cortana), and Google Keyboard (instead of MS Swiftkey), … This will also be reflected into my desktop experience later.

Do you think that I won’t be tempted then to use Gmail and Google Drive instead of Outlook and OneDrive?!

22 thoughts on “Big mistake, Microsoft!”

    • Sorry for delay in reply, Roland. I have to confess that others such as Google are serving better especially when it comes to mobile area. Personally, still prefer the productivity products of Microsoft, i.e., Office and Outlook

  1. I have all the major browsers installed on all my machines since all of them perform differently depending on the site. Sometimes a site loads better on Mozilla while others look better on Chrome.

    • Sorry for delay in reply, Edmark. The latest update from Firefox makes it better… However, as a web developer, I totally agree. I have to test the website on many browser and thus I must have them all installed

  2. This puts you between a rock and a hard place…one of my favorite idioms. A no win situation since you dislike Google. MS has been pretty awful for a few years now. Office365 put me over the edge. I hate subscription software. I’d much rather shell out a large amount of money at once and have a lifetime license. But anyhow, I don’t blame you a bit for hating Bing. That is one of the things I do first when I get a PC…Bing is disabled and Google becomes the default. I have to admit though, I do use OneNote since Evernote started to use subscription rates (uggh!) and I haven’t found anything that really replaces it. Let me know if there is something out there that will let me cut the MS cord.


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