There should be a next life!

sad-tearsTen years ago, I was …..

Well, life was more beautiful and much easier.

Things have changed!

War or terror…  I lost friends, family members, and properties. I lost a lot of my beautiful memories. I have close ones that I see their sorrows yet I’m not able to offer a lot of help.

Responsibilities with distance… I have no much time left nor do I have the required power!

My heart, prayers, and thoughts are with all who are suffering (including me).

Is it shameful for men to cry?!

P.S., I’m sorry, Linda. I started this post with an intention to write something for you, my dear friend regarding your loss. Rather, I found that I’m writing about myself and about this life.

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  1. Change is sometimes good and sometimes almost too much to bear. I so appreciate this post and that you started it with me in mind. You are so good. Don’t think that you are powerless to help. You’ve helped me a lot. As far as men crying, it would be a shame if they didn’t. We all have emotions and it’s a terrible thing to deny them. We’ll cry together, my dear friend. ❤️

    • I apologize for delay in replying back, Linda. I’m also so sorry for your loss. Thank you very much for your wonderful words. Instead for writing something to support you, I found a lot of encouraging and support from your side. You are and will always be my dearest friend. I’m strong and powerful to have you and all others here around. We’ll cry for now but I’m sure we’ll laugh together soon…

      • Yes, my dear, we will laugh again. You have had a terrible upheaval in your life due to war. I shudder to think what it must have been like. I am so happy that you and your family escaped. I know it’s a sad tale, but it might be enlightening for those of us who haven’t experienced such a thing. It is very different to see these things on the news than it is to hear the stories from someone we know. Just a thought. I would like to know so I would understand you, my dear friend, just a little better.

        As for losing Levi, I have made my peace. I miss him, but he was an elderly Dane and he had a wonderful life. I am also happy in the knowledge that I did absolutely everything I could do for him. There will be smiles again. We are looking for a puppy to be Walter’s new friend. The new dog will never replace Levi, but it will help heal our hearts.

      • Yes, it’s the worst experience we’ve ever had. Seems that it affects the whole world too not only us! Thanks God, I’m in a better situation comparing to many other Syrians. I was away even before the war. Unfortunately, media don’t reflect the real situation. They are often biased!

        I pray that you always have a healed and happy heart, Linda. I want to see more pictures of you smiling and of the new puppy and Walter soon 🙂

        Meanwhile, I’m always here for you, my dear friend.

      • Thank you so much, my friend. My heart is healing and things are going to be ok. I got a message from the animal rescue people and they are having a litter shipped up this weekend. I don’t know they will be anything we’ll be interested in, but time will tell. This organization rescues dogs from the southern US where they are treated much less kindly than they are here. Some pup will find us.

        I hope that you are healing, too. I can’t even imagine what you and your family have gone through even if you did get out before the war. I send hugs to you and your family. Tell little Sham that I want to read more of her poetry. 🙂 ❤️

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