A beautiful aspect from Syrian history

Here are few ethics that Syrians crow about when others speak about animal rights:

animal care
  • Many centuries ago, around AD 1000, a fully serviced facility was established in Damascus for animals that are too old and weak to be used as working animals (horses, donkeys and mules). Their owners may leave them there to be taken care of until they die.
  • Around that time too in the old city of Damascus, there was a facility that was the first of its kind to take care of old, lost, or sick cats; and of course, another one for dogs…
  • An official employee was appointed just to follow if labored animals are being abused by their owners.
  • ….
  • ….


A few gloomy years won’t affect thousands of years of civilization…

12 thoughts on “A beautiful aspect from Syrian history”

  1. Unfortunately, on hearing the name of Syria these days, the mind is filled with some disturbing images. Thank you for showing a different picture of syria .


  2. Looking after the weaker ones has always been the hallmark of a mature civilization. Syria has a long and proud history. This time, now, will pass. 🙂

  3. You know what an animal-lover I am, so it won’t surprise you to hear how much this warmed my heart. ❤️ 🐕 🐈

    • I knew it that you’re going to like that. I’m very happy to see your kind words, Linda. People in Syria have been raised on loving animals as a part of our culture. However, there might a mess during this period but hope things will be better in the future…


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