The Land of Confusion – Katowice

It was a very quick visit. I decided to go to Katowice because I didn’t agree with the statement that the silesian voivodeship is the worst region in Poland and basically has nothing to offer.
I packed my backpack, took my boyfriend and went to discover Katowice.

On the square in front of the main railway station, there’s a huge Gingerbread Man, I don’t have a bloody idea why and I think it has way too many little small lamps and it generates a lot of light but well, have a ook and decide 😉
We went to the hotel to eat something and relax after the time we spent in the train 🙂

Katowice is a region which experienced a lot of historical moments in the past (not so old, though) and there are monuments now built in order to commemorate the fight for the freedom of Poland.
The monument built in memory of silesian scouts’ martyr’s death who resisted the German soldiers and goons in September, 1939. The monument commemorates also those scouts who died or were murdered in the subsequent years of Hitler occupation.
The monument is located in the neighbourhood of already non-existing tenement house yard on the Zamkowa 2 Street where Germans murdered several dozens of boy and girl scouts and participants of Silesia Uprising on the 4th of September, 1939.
Below: September Scots Monument and Silesian Insurgents Monument

There is also this unique district called Nikiszowiec. Why is it so unique? Originally, it was workers’ housing estate exclusively for those miners who worked in Giesche mine.
Now, it is just an administrative part of Katowice where people have quite a number of small museums 🙂

Obviously, one of the biggest tourists’ attraction of Katowice – beautiful Spodek 🙂

Spodek nocą

And the son of the silesian land

Jerzy Ziętek

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  1. I love Poland! But I’ve only passed through Katowice once, changing buses there, and unfortunately it didn’t make such a good impression. But it looks so different from your view here, thanks for showing it this way!


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