Milan, a marvellous city!

Milan is definitely the city of wonders; totally wonderful views, wonderful and helpful people, and wonderful vegan cuisine (not so popular, though), wonderful sun, wonderful antique churches and buildings and a well known fabulous Vittorio Emanuele gallery. Enjoy <3

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Vittorio Emanuele gallery, though expensive as hell, impresses a lot!

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Duomo di Milano is a massive cathedral, which was ordained in 1572. In 1805, Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned the king of Italy here.

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Here, it is very important to mention that in the neighbourhood of the cathedral, there are loads of Afro-Americans who try to sell you ‘bracelets of luck’. Well, they don’t try, they just do it so be careful and watch for your hands! And whenever you see Afro-Americans coming to you, be like Forest, run!
And have a look whatcan you find in Milan… In Montebello Street in La Forchetta Verde (the green fork-what a lovely name) you can eat vegan beauties!

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Milan combines styles of modernity with classics. In order to thruthfully enjoy it, you must experience it <3
Here’s my bit for you, enjoy! 🙂

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