The Land of Confusion – Katowice

It was a very quick visit. I decided to go to Katowice because I didn’t agree with the statement that the silesian voivodeship is the worst region in Poland and basically has nothing to offer.
I packed my backpack, took my boyfriend and went to discover Katowice.

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Cracow 2018 / Kraków 2018

Cracow is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Poland. I thought I could believe people who were always repeating that but after I visited the place myself I know, Cracow is one of the most beautiful places in Europe, really.

Have a look at the Cloth Hall at the Main Market.


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What is HefeHof in Niedersachsen

If you’re looking for a place where you can get everything you need for Christmas and you want this everything to be handmade and totally unique, Niedersachsen, Germany, is the perfect place for your visit! Christmas decorations, presents, atmosphere and a lot more 🙂 I managed to get a wooden cat 🙂

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Potsdam is an undiscovered pearl :)

What do you think about Potsdam? Is it for you just a city worth a one-day visit during your stay in Berlin? People usually go to Berlin and forget that there is much more beauty just around the corner… Loads of beautiful and old monuments, museum of Potsdam, parks… and great architecture 🙂 Just have a look and try not to fall in love 🙂


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Milan, a marvellous city!

Milan is definitely the city of wonders; totally wonderful views, wonderful and helpful people, and wonderful vegan cuisine (not so popular, though), wonderful sun, wonderful antique churches and buildings and a well known fabulous Vittorio Emanuele gallery. Enjoy <3

Picture 1

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