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On, a basic subscription has 6GB of storage space. The space may vary based on the subscription level or the platform used. However, it’s still limited. One important hint is to host your media (photos, videos, and files) on different platforms and link to them on your blog. This way, the media won’t be calculated against your blog’s quota.



For me, this is the best place to store pictures and embed them into my website(s). It’s easy and there are a lot of flexible options… I also find it useful to have photos’ comments, if any, in one place no matter where I embed the photos.


You need to paste the Embed code into your post in HTML section as illustrated below:


OneDrive Photos offer the option of embedding pictures but it’s less flexible and a little bit complicated in comparing to Flickr – not to mention the cost.

Unfortunately, Google Photos doesn’t offer the option of embedding pictures. There are indirect ways to do it though.


Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, … Some cloud storage’s, such as OneDrive, have bandwidth limit for free accounts!


YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, … You may like to check my other post: YouTube vs Dailymotion.

Do you use any of the above? Have you encountered a shortage in your blog’s storage?

34 thoughts on “Save storage space on your blog”

  1. Hi Mohammad,
    I keep getting a notice that my startup drive on my MacBook is near full. I pay for storage and use iCloud so I don’t understand why this happens. I have used a Mac cleaner program to remove junk and duplicate photos, but your article now has me thinking about flicker. Do you think that would help my computer storage or is that just for blog storage issues?
    Thanks! 🙏

      • Hi, I have a couple of question: How flexible is Flickr? For instance, could you resize the photo in the visual editor?

        Also, do the images load fast?

        Thanks in advance.

      • Flickr is very flexible with a lot of options when sharing. However, some privacy level requires Yahoo account! Yes, you can edit the photo in cloud using Flickr editor. Personally, in order to keep off line backup, I do all the editing (and meta tags) offline before uploading. P.S., editing meta info online won’t be reflected into the pictures itself, i.e., when you download it.
        I consider web browsing is fast. However, their Android’s app is not very fast in comparing to Google Photos. You may check my old post: My Photos to OneDrive.

    • Thank you very much, Sherron. Photos nowadays are an important part of life and what we do. Their sizes are increasing with the better phones (cameras) entering the market. Storing, sharing, … are other important issues. I think photos cloud storage could help here better than blog hosting.

    • Thank you very much, Kathleen. I’ve updated the post with extra illustrating pictures. Once your photo is uploaded to Flickr, you’ll have a sharing option. Choose Embed tab and copy the code there. On your post, paste the code into the HTML section of your post’s editor and that is it! If i can be of any further assistance here, please don’t hesitate contacting…

  2. Interesting. I heard about this storage idea in a blogging podcast recently. Do you have to go through each post already published and edit them individually – transferring each affected photo that is already stored in your WordPress blog to whatever new storage solution you’ve set up?
    Or would you just start off using this system for new blog posts?

    • Thank you very much, Marie. I think this depends on your preferences and willing to spend time re-editing… Personally, I’d go with this for new posts; and get back to old posts as time allows.

      Please note that changing pictures in your old posts might affect fetched ones in social media. My recommendation is to always keep the feature image hosted on WordPress just in case you wanted later to re-change the location of your photos’ cloud storage.

  3. Thanks for this advice. I started my blog 10 days ago & I was a little worried about the limited storage space. This post is a life-saver for me. I can’t thank you enough.


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