The heart won’t obey

“You promised me, O heart, that if I were to repent of loving her, that you shall also repent!
So now that I am penitent, how come you melt whenever she is being mentioned?”

Qays Ibn al-Mulawwah (Poet) – Arabic Version:

و كنتَ وعدتني يا قلبُ أني إذا ما تبت عن ليلى تتوبُ…
فها أنا تائبٌ من حب ليلى فمالك كلما ذُكرتْ تذوب؟!

Unfortunately, English translation of the poetry might not be as good as the Arabic origin. But I hope it conveys the meaning. The question though is: Why would Qays Ibn al-Mulawwah or anyone want to repent of love or to end such feelings in their heart?

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