Another lesson in history

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Israel and Palestine

Thousands of years ago. Abraham came to Canaan (Palestine), an Arabic land, from Babylon (Iraq) before even the birth of his sons; Ishmael and Isaac (father of Jacob). So, Israelis had lived accordingly among others; among Palestinians, before they left for Egypt and came back again years later. Hence, they have the right to live on this land but not the right to own/claim it.

It was never theirs to claim from the beginning.

Nine hundred years ago, Crusaders invaded the Middle East, including Palestine. They tried to gain support using fabrications and stories; i.e., “Kingdom of Heaven”. At the end, they were forced to leave. Eighty years ago, Israelis invaded Palestine. They’re trying to gain support also using fabrications and stories; i.e., “Promised Land”.

History will repeat itself. Invaders might be forced to leave again.

P.S., numbers are approximate. And, it’s just an introduction for the term “Israel and Palestine”. Check “A lesson in history” for more about the Middle East.

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    • Thank you, Morgaine. Yes, it’s more complicated. After all, this might need historians, academicians, and specialists to discuss.. History about this area and the ruins there are controversial; each party defends their own point of view. The fight won’t end easily.


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