Ramadan Kareem

Wish you all blessed Ramadan (in Arabic, they say Ramadan Mubarak or Ramadan Kareem).

What is Ramadan?

It’s the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. During which, muslims are required to fast*. That’s, not to eat, drink, have sex from dawn till sunset. It also has some extra worshiping rituals comparing to other months.

When is Ramadan?

Arabic/Islamic months are:

  1. Muharram
  2. Safar
  3. Rabi al-Awwal
  4. Rabi al-Thani
  5. Jumada al-Awwal
  6. Jumada al-Thani
  7. Rajab
  8. Shaban
  9. Ramadan
  10. Shawwal
  11. Dhu al-Qadah
  12. Dhu al-Hijjah

They are based on the lunar cycle of the moon. The start and end date of Ramadan depend on sighting of the crescent moon. This is why Ramadan comes at different date each year.

* there are considerations such as age and health condition…

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  1. Buon Ramadan Mubarak… finito!
    Fai molto bene a raccontare: è una bella cosa conoscere chi abbiamo vicino e imparare a rispettarlo nella diversità!
    All the best 💙🦋

    • Thank you very much, Sherazade. Yes, life is based on diversity; and knowing wonderful people such you and my other friends on WordPress is the most beautiful thing <3


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