6 Proven methods in driving traffic to your site

Each point of the following is a topic by itself. I tried to make it short as usual. However, don’t hesitate asking if any is not clear. I personally tested them and I’m writing about these points or factors from my own personal experience.

drive traffic to your website

1- Enhance your ranking on search engines

  • Your sitemap should be always up to date and being submitted to search engines periodically. Unless you’re self-hosted, don’t waste your time on this point. WordPress.com takes care of it. Read more about the difference and when you should move to WordPress.org.
  • Try to have good SEO structure on your site.
  • Make sure that your site is fast loading – check it yourself on GTmetrix. I might write later how my site scores 100% on homepage and above 95% on most other pages/sections.
  • Try to buy or exchange do-Follow Links with others. A lot of scammers are hunting in this market; so take your time before stepping further here…
  • Increase your domain authority wisely without becoming obsessed about this point. That’s, don’t waste much time and money on it.
  • Try to make visitors spend more time on your site. For example, refer to previous posts or other pages from your site often.

2- Engage with others

Likes, replies, comments, … Other bloggers usually pay the favor back and do the same to you. Just be careful of committing spam here. Please refer to WordPress – Ethical Dilemma.

3- Guest posts

Write blog posts on others’ blogs and offer others to do same on your blog. For me, I’m offering this too; you may visit “Be My Guest” for details.

4- Social Media

  • Join Facebook Groups that relate to “promote website/blog” – this link is a good example
  • Follow Twitter accounts that offer retweets service – example: @GoldenBloggerz, @CanBloggersRT, @BloggersHut, …
  • Join Pinterest and Reddit groups (reddit might be strict in sharing links). I created my own sub-reddit to test it more.
  • Search for posts titled “Promote Your Blog or Your Latest Post” on WordPress.com. See my post “Promote your latest post” for example. For me, I’m offering this every few months.

5- Advertise your blog

If it’s affordable, advertise on social media such as Facebook, Twitter (read this first), .. and advertise on search engines (Google, Microsoft, …). Personally, I prefer advertising with bloggers themselves – you can read this very clear in this post.

Advertise with other bloggers

Here are few names that I recommend. I got very good results from advertising with them:

There many other wonderful names here. I couldn’t mention them all. My point above was to provide a sample only not to list all. I’m offering ads too – check here please.

6- Submit your site to MK Blog Directory

Finally, submit your website/blog to MK Blog Directory. It’s one of the easiest way to have your blog discovered by other bloggers (for free). This post offers further information and assistance about this Blog Directory.

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