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As you may know, the best way to promote MK Blog Directory is to advertise it on Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, … However, an idea came into my mind; cash giveaway. Why to pay the big companies for advertising! Considering that this directory was established initially to help bloggers, I’m going to pay the same amount to the bloggers themselves. We all benefit. Check this link for more details about what this directory is.

The Offer

In order to promote the Blog Directory, I’m giving:
US $20
(could be more – check the additional notes below)
for mentioning the Blog Directory in your next blog post. That’s, the title, link, and short description. Something like the following is fine:

MK Blog Directory
Are you a blogger?! Join now for free.

Further, you may kindly check badges page for banner options.

The Steps

  1. If not listed yet, submit your blog site (where you’re going to mention MK Blog Directory) to the directory first.
  2. Mention MK Blog Directory as explained above in your next blog post.
  3. Contact me with the link to your post where MK Blog Directory has been mentioned.
  4. I’ll PayPal the email you mention with the amount within soonest.

What are you waiting for? Claim your cash now. Contact me. I pay once only.

Additional Notes about the Cash Giveaway:

  • Your WordPress blog (where you are going to mention MK Blog Directory) should have at least 20 followers.
  • If you have more than 500 followers, I’m willing to pay more

P.S., while this offer is basically meant for WordPress blogs owners, contact me too if you want to mention the Blog Directory on other platforms such as Blogger (blogspot), Medium, Joomla, Tumblr, … There might be slightly different conditions though.

36 thoughts on “Cash Giveaway – Simple & Easy”

  1. Thank you for the email and letting me know about this. I am already listed in your directory and have a fresh post and email going out in 14 hours (2am PST) and will mention it in the post as well as email to my subscribers.

      • Please let me know what information you require from my end, should I be able to get some people to sign up with you and how you handle portion, as you do not have my PayPal information at the moment.

      • Thank you Esme for your emails. I’ve already replied there and hope things are clear now. As mentioned, only few words about the Directory with link (and logo if possible). If you like to encourage your readers to sign up, it’d be a plus that i’ll be grateful. I really appreciate your kind support and help in spreading the word about this directory

      • Thanks no problem, and thank you for rectifying the email address, I did get the 2nd PP you processed and I have responded to PP as I received an email from them as well to return the first one as duplicate, which I have done

  2. I submitted my blog several times because I want to join your blog directory but I got this reply, “There has been a critical error on this website.” What will I do to be a member of your Blog Directory?

  3. Thank you so much for the fast approval. So happy to be a member of your blog directory. This is my first blog community. I hope I can come up to your expectations.

    Please check this out sir


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