Around three years ago while driving; I shouted loudly: “We’re lost! I don’t know how to go back home”. My young daughter replied quickly “Don’t be panic, dad. Google is there and will guide us.” !!!


Google had punished me severely once. I was banned for life from some services such as AdSense. So, in return, I decided to abandon most of the services provided by Google. I’m punishing back… It’s my motto now and I’m proud of it… I’m the only one among my friends who is using Outlook (Hotmail) not Gmail. I’m the only one who doesn’t use Chrome browser except for some web testing. I’m a big fan of Firefox. I use Dailymotion instead of YouTube and Sygic (TomTom) instead of Google Maps! Moreover, I Bing things and don’t Google them!

Check please my old posts: How to leave Google & My Photos to OneDrive.

Recently, Google Photos and YouTube were updated with better sharing options. Living abroad, those options are seducing me to use the services again… Thus, I’m here now to remind myself of how much bad Google was with me. Should a person forgive so easily? I’m here also to remind myself of the motto that I’m known for among my friends. Should a person respect their own promises & principles?

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    • Yes, Linda. I used AdSense since I started my web programming around 2002 on my all sites with no problem until around two years ago. I made a mistake buying advertising campaign from un-trusted company. Without warning, Google suspended my account for invalid activities. I believe I have the good experience and ethical background not to involve into invalid clicks. I’m glad that Google isn’t our God otherwise, we’ll be damned for one mistake as there is no redemption hehehe


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