Around three years ago while driving; I shouted loudly: “We’re lost! I don’t know how to go back home”. My young daughter replied quickly “Don’t be panic, dad. Google is there and will guide us.” !!!


Google had punished me severely once. I was banned for life from some services such as AdSense. So, in return, I decided to abandon most of the services provided by Google. I’m punishing back… It’s my motto now and I’m proud of it… I’m the only one among my friends who is using Outlook (Hotmail) not Gmail. I’m the only one who doesn’t use Chrome browser except for some web testing. I’m a big fan of Firefox. I use Dailymotion instead of YouTube and Sygic (TomTom) instead of Google Maps! Moreover, I Bing things and don’t Google them!

Check please my old posts: How to leave Google & My Photos to OneDrive.

Recently, Google Photos and YouTube were updated with better sharing options. Living abroad, those options are seducing me to use the services again… Thus, I’m here now to remind myself of how much bad Google was with me. Should a person forgive so easily? I’m here also to remind myself of the motto that I’m known for among my friends. Should a person respect their own promises & principles?

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  1. You should respect your principles, but only do so to the degree that you aren’t hurt. It sounds like you have found good alternatives.

    I use Outlook, but it can sometimes be a pain. I also mostly use Fire Fox, though on occasion I have to use Chrome to view somethings. We do regularly use our Tom Tom. That has rarely steered us wrong.

  2. We google everything. I work for a utility department for my city. My relatives will call me and ask me the number to call if they have any problems with any other department. Most of the people I knew in 1989 when I started is retired (or passed away), so I don’t know any more than they do about other departments. So I tell them to Google it and the first thing they will see is a very informative web site for all of the city. Google is very powerful and I would cry big tears without it.

  3. 😄If you know enough technology to be able to do that, great! But nothing is indispensible, and absolute powers are dangerous.
    Now-a-days kids don’t like consequences in the classroom, so I’ve developed a forgiving temperament, always looking for alternatives.
    Meanwhile, I’m back to regular posting on the blog, but not seeing my post link to the daily post page. I have re-clicked follow on the daily post. Not sure if its linking to subscriber reader. Can you advise?

    • Yes, Penny. Google has a verity of services that are useful and of high quality. A lot like to keep thinking of conspiracy theory though… I’m not one of those but still believe that having all our eggs in one basket isn’t an healthy thing

    • Firefox is the best for me. And it’s a lot better on Windows systems than Chrome. The only place I found Chrome is good is on Chromebook / Linux. Google search is for sure the best in many areas. However, I see Bing is better in some other areas. After all, whatever you use and and comfortable with is the good one for sure 😉

  4. Sometimes it is hard to stick to our “promises & principles” when they just seem to be hurting ourselves. I mean, do you “suffer” more because you are not using Google? Does Google even know? Does Google even care? Your life is probably more inconvenient because you shun the giant . . . but, as long as you feel good about it . . . keep doing it.

    • Dear Terre, that is the whole point. Google doesn’t know and honestly doesn’t care! Unfortunately, we are all under “what is convenient to us”. Thank you very much for the advice

    • Thank you Jess for the advice. It seems that this is what I’m going to do. After all, it’s not easy to change what we get used to and it’s been a while for away from Google’s. Technology is wonderful, there is always an alternative


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