HTC One M8

20HTC One M8 Some points regarding HTC One M8 and HTC Sense. The HTC One has very good battery, display, design, and speakers. However:

– Light notifications is always on even if I turned it off in settings

– Google+ contacts sync doesn’t include shortcuts to Hangout or G+ profile on Contacts

– Even if I removed the asking for reminders in calls settings upon declining a call, it still asks me for that on declining the call.

– Wish for more flexibility options on lock screen. For example, wish for the apps shortcuts on lock screen to be able to automatically unlock the screen!

– Yet many might argue about this, I still consider the camera is very bad considering this phone as a mighty one!

– I hate that I can’t disable HTC tasks and Stocks apps.

– I can’t remove/edit calendars in the HTC calendar (e.g., HTC Sync Manager).

– Even if I disable notification in HTC mail app for some accounts, the icon still shows unread count badge for them! That’s if I’m using the HTC stock launcher of course.

Mohamad Al Karbi

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