Why I host with WordPress.com

PageSpeed Insights Performance

Web Performance: Cache, CDN, Lazy Loading, Handling CSS, Defer Scripts.. The post is about WordPress Performance Plugins Optimal Combination

Social links

I noticed lately that I’m posting a lot of links to posts of my blog and to the directory listings on my Twitter and Facebook.

Thanks for those who notified me that some are bothered with this… Thus, I initiated the following two accounts for this purpose: Site’s updates, links to my blog posts, and notification of new listings on MK Blog Directory.

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Build your online personal brand

online presence

Building your online presence is easy and affordable. If you offer services, this increases clients awareness and positively affect your credibility. From personal perspective, this enhances your online image that is very important for your career.

All you need is a website with you custom domain name (e.g., mohamadkarbi.com) and a professional email using this domain (e.g., contact@mohamadkarbi.com)

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