5 side business to boost your income in 2021

The previous year was not easy at all for most of us. The pandemic made it difficult for most people. Many lost their jobs and source of livelihood. So, to avoid a repeat, panoramic or not. Here are 5 side business to boost your income in 2021. These business are no brainer businesses you can start from your home. All you need is the basic skill set, internet or a smartphone. The basic skill set you may already have developed while doing a 9-5 job. So, it’s time supplement your income with these side businesses.

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Credit Cards: Make them work for you

credit card7

Hi Everybody,

First, I would like to thank Mohamad Al Karbi for inviting me to write a guest post on his blog. It’s my first guest post and I feel truly honored.

To be honest, I wasn’t too keen on accepting the invite because I had been asked to write on banking. All who know me, will not be surprised at the hesitation I felt. Blogging for me, has been an outlet from the mundane world of banking and I have enjoyed every moment of it since I started last September. It is what I do with my heart and Banking is what I do, with my brain.  But as all roads must intersect at some point in time, so I guess, this is point of intersection between what I love doing and what I have to do . Having worked for eighteen years in credit cards, I can say I do understand the workings of a credit card and the ordinary issues a layman faces when dealing with cards. So Mohamad was definitely right in approaching me to do this. In today’s post, I aim to explain benefits that you should be looking for,  when picking a card for you and mistakes people generally make when using the plastic.

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Make up to 1K a month on Upwork in your spare time

Do you have some free time? Do you have good writing skills? Do you need some extra cash? Who doesn’t? Using the freelancing platform Upwork, you could put your writing muscle to good use and earn decent dollars in your spare time. With limited experience as a freelance writer prior to setting up my profile on Upwork, I was pleasantly surprised when I landed my first client within a day, then proceeded to make $500 in my first month! I’m now earning up to $1,000 per month by writing in my spare time. I’m going to share my secrets on how to make up to 1K a month on Upwork in your spare time.

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JPS Accountants Directory

I wish the best for the new management of JPS Accountants Directory (www.jps-dir.com). As of Nov. 2013, I have no control over (access to) it any more. Started in 2002 as a project during my Master’s, it was the first website specialized in accounting and in serving accountants needs in the Arab world.

نتمنى للادارة الجديدة لموقع دليل المحاسبين (www.jps-dir.com) التوفيق، و بالطبع لم يعد لدي (محمد القربي jps-admin) أي صلاحية على الموقع أو تحكم به بعد شهر تشرين ثاني ٢٠١٣. هذا الموقع بدأ كمشروع خلال دراستي الأكاديمية في عام ٢٠٠٢ و كان لله الحمد و المنة أول موقع إلكتروني متخصص في المحاسبة و خدمة المحاسبين في العالم العربي.

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مقدمة في محاسبة النفط و الغاز

هذه مقدمة كتبتها في عام 2006 تمهيداً لمشروع بحث متكامل في محاسبة النفط و الغاز بنظرة حديثة متقدمة و مدخل تكاليفي. للأسف لم يكتمل المشروع…  أقوم هنا بنشرما كتبت لعل فيه إفادة للبعض.

المحاسبة في صناعة النفط
الأنشطة في صناعة النفط
التعامل مع التكاليف في صناعة النفط
تقدير احتياطي النفط
مراحل عمليات الاستخراج
العقود و أنواعها

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