Top 7 beautiful places to visit in Serbia

Here’s a list of the most beautiful places in Serbia, in my opinion. The list will be subjective because it is not possible to rank, objectively, places in Serbia. The natural beauties of Serbia have remained unexplored and unknown to many tourists. The country has to offer life in busy cities, as well as natural beauties. They are a breath of peace and tranquility. Whatever season you choose to tour Serbia, you are in the right place and at the right time. From north to south or east to west, either in spring or autumn. Serbia has attracted a large number of tourists in previous years.

1. Belgrade

Belgrade is the capital city, and that is why it has a lot to offer. What do you think of first when someone says Serbia or Belgrade? Yes, the nightlife is something for which the capital is well known. However, Belgrade, like the rest of Serbia, can offer tourists its history and natural resources. You can see parts of history and culture, have a good time on more than a hundred rafts and clubs. In addition to nightclubs, there are museums, art galleries, Ada Ciganilija, and so much more.

2. Novi Sad

The first most famous place in Novi Sad is Trg Slobode and the Roman Catholic Church. Novi Sad has a rich history because it was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Only after the First World War, Vojvodina became part of Serbia. Two buildings are significant. First, the City Library was founded in 1885, and second, there is a house formerly known as “Kod belog lava.” Laza Telečkog Street is known for the nightlife of this city. Unquestionably what makes Novi Sad recognizable is the Petrovaradin Fortress. In addition to history, you can visit the largest European festival EXIT in July, where world stars perform.

Image by Danilo Krnjaić from Pixabay

3. Uvac Special Nature Reserve

The special nature reserve Uvac or “Kingdom of Griffon Vulture” is located not far from Sjenica, Nova Varoš, and Golija mountain, between Zlatar and Javor mountains. Uvac is a river that flows between Zlatibor and Zlatar, and three artificial lakes were built on it. When you look at Uvac Lake, you will be enlightened by beautiful shades of green and blue.

You can visit Lake Uvac and the canyon by boat, as well as hiking and trekking. There are high and steep limestone cliffs, and in the vicinity, there are caves, pits, bays, and forests.

4. Manasija

About 150 km south of Belgrade, natural treasure, Krupajsko vrelo is surrounded by forest. Their shades of green and blue remind of exotic Thailand. Beneath the quiet surface of the Krupajsko vrelo is an inaccessible underwater cave, which has not yet been explored. The whole picture is reminiscent of places from fairy tales. In addition to the spa and the natural lake, there is also a monastery Manasija. The road leading to Krupajsko vrelo passes by the Manasija monastery. It is declared as a monument of national importance with great walls and 11 towers.

In this area, there are two more places to visit, the Resava Cave and Waterfall. It has been open to visitors since 1972 and is a protected natural monument. The Krupajsko vrelo has been explored by gold hunters for many years. According to popular belief, there are large quantities of gold in the mountains, which are hidden in the Golden Cave at the bottom.

Image by Nina from LordShepherd

5. Golubac Fortress

Golubac Fortress is just a few kilometers away from the village of Golubac, right next to the Danube. Throughout history, it played an important role as a military fortification and an important strategic place. The fortress was built on the cliff, and the river served as natural, restless protection.

There are several folk legends about the name of the fortress. According to one belief, an Ottoman commander was in love with a local woman, Golubana, who refused to be part of his harem. As punishment, she was chained to a rock to repent, where she later died. According to belief, the fortress is named after Golubana.

Golubac Fortress has been open to visitors after reconstruction in 2019. Parking for visitors is included, and rooms with exhibits from the Roman and Ottoman periods. The fortress is divided into four zones, the first of which, the blue one, can be toured independently, and three towers and a palace are available to visitors. The remaining three zones are available, only accompanied by trained guides. In addition to Golubac, there is a Djerdap National Park.

Image by Sonja Sonja from Pixabay

6. Tara and Zlatibor

Zlatibor is a mountain with a Lake Zlatibor, which is located in the center, around the lake there are cafes, shops and restaurants and nightclubs. Hotels on Zlatibor have spa and recreation centers. Many guests stop at what the hotels and tourist center have to offer, and there are so many beautiful locations worth visiting.

On the other hand, those who love a quiet holiday, without noise and commotion, can go to Tara mountain. Beautiful viewpoints, a carpet of meadows, path leading through the forest for walking. The most famous destinations on Tara are Mitrovac, Kaludjerske Bare, Lake Zaovina. A tour of Mokra Gora, the famous ethnic village, and the famous Sarganska osmica, the only architectural masterpiece in the world among the narrow gauge railways.

7. Leskovac and Nis

Leskovac and Nis are two cities nearby each other in the south of Serbia. Nis is about 280 km away from Belgrade, and Leskovac is about 330 km. Both of these places have a portion of amazing local food. Besides food, there are museums, shopping centers, parks, and art galleries.

Vlasina lake is about 70 km away from Leskovac and its untouched nature. Both cities have remnants of the Ottoman Empire as well as a rich history. For example, etno villages are an unusual combination of old and modern. At numerous locations in South Serbia, some places preserve the tradition of the former Serbian life. The authentic look of etno villages is given by houses and bungalows built of wood and brick, and some of them are up to 200 years old.

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