New Design

Last November, I brought new section to this website: Blog Directory (if you haven’t submitted your blog yet, please do it – 100% free).

Based on this, I had to do a lot of modifications on the design of this site. It was very long journey with a lot of work loads on many levels. There were a lot of errors too that caused me to restore backups many times. This resulted in loss of some comments or in a strange behavior of the site during this period. My apology for inconvenience if any.

new design -

For the first time since I used WordPress, I’m leaving Twenty Twelve theme. Yet the company is updating it continuously, it’s somehow outdated… I’m using Astra theme now. I tested GeneratePress theme too. You won’t go wrong with any. I might write more about those two themes later.

I’m also introducing my new logo. logo

The logo is designed by Pixo ( | very professional work and affordable prices. I highly recommend them.

Do you have logo for your blog? What do you prefer most: an image logo or initials logo?

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