How to Clean Your Artificial Christmas Tree Like a Pro

The Holidays are approaching and you want to celebrate with your loved ones. During the Christmas season decorating your home with your family may be a joyous moment to spend preparing for Christmas. If you have an artificial tree, the benefit is that they last a very long-time. The downside is the long storage time of an artificial tree creates unwanted dust and possibly cobwebs. Today we are going to discuss cleaning tips to help you keep your artificial tree in the best condition possible every year. 

Clean Prior to Assembly 

  1. Arrange supplies

You will need a dry microfiber cloth, a few large towels, a vacuum, dish detergent and an empty bucket. 

  1. Clear A Space

You will need a clear designated space to begin your cleaning. There may be built up dust or debris from the tree coming out of the storage bag.

  1. Remove Artificial Tree 

 Once you have a space, place your towels, and remove the artificial tree from the bag and place on the towels

  1. Remove Dust

To remove cobwebs or thick dust use either a vacuum attachment piece of a duster. 

  1. Create Soapy Solution

Next, create a soapy solution with a bucket of water and a few teaspoons of dish detergent. 

  1. Fluff Time

Make sure the branches are fluffed out. 

  1. Time to Clean 

Then dip the microfiber cloth in the dish detergent solution and wipe down each branch.

  1. Dry Time

Once the branches are cleaned, set to the side for them to dry. 

  1.  Repeat

Repeat these steps if necessary until the entire tree is completely clean. 

Take Down Christmas Ornaments First 

To make taking the tree down a much simpler process, first you must take down the ornaments. Depending on the number of ornaments you have and the significance of them, then you may have different storage areas. For example, you may place all themed ornaments in one storage bag. Ornaments that are family heirlooms, you may place in another storage bag. 

In addition, it is important to have labels to properly label each ornament storage bag. Labeling the ornament storage bags will help to keep everything organized for the consecutive year. 

Take Down the Artificial Christmas 

Taking down the Christmas tree can be a tedious task. You want to take the tree down in a way that will help to preserve it for Christmas of the next year. With an artificial tree there may be labels on the branches to better help with assembly. When taking the tree down, you want to organize branches with the same labels together. 

Also, if you fluffed the tree branches to create a full look for the christmas tree, then now it is time to perform the opposite task. Unfluff the tree branches so that they will fit better in the storage bag. 

Proper Storage for an Artificial Christmas Tree

First, create a designated area to place your artificial Christmas tree once it has been taken down. The area must be spacious because the tree requires a fairly large space.

Next, it is time to take down the artificial Christmas tree and place it in the storage bag. This task may seem tedious, but having the correct storage can make this process seamless. 

Once the tree is put away in the storage bag, place the stored tree in a designated area till the next year. 

Cleaning Tips

If you would like more cleaning tips or cleaning services follow tips by Neat N Tidy cleaning professionals ( Neat N Tidy is a woman-owned, women-operated business servicing Indianapolis, Indiana and surrounding cities. We offer one-time cleans, deep clean, move-in/out clean or recurring maid services. 

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