Messages during the World Cup 2022

Message to Syrians Swedish Social Workers will never quit taking the children away from their families. Greece won’t stop firing into migrant boats in Aegean’s……. Death under the fire of war in Syria might be more peaceful! Message to world Alcohol; Rainbow Colors; Muslims are going to change visitors’ religion….. Your teams need your support … Read more

A day at Souq Waqif / Doha

The famous and old market of Doha. It was a day full of activities. Hope you enjoy the video: I was advised by someone to re-produce this clip. It’s a long one so it needs better editing!! I’ll do that hopefully in the near future.

Qatar – Doha

This is my guest post on Linda’s blog – comments are there too:

Posting about the place I live in is not the same as posting about a place that I visited once or twice. One might have a lot to talk about and a lot of pictures or events to share. One post isn’t enough for sure and more is coming…

Arab Gulf countries have an impressing modern architecture. Though in Qatar, there is a noticeable touch of the old lovely culture and heritage.

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