Messages during the World Cup 2022

Message to Syrians Swedish Social Workers will never quit taking the children away from their families. Greece won’t stop firing into migrant boats in Aegean’s……. Death under the fire of war in Syria might be more peaceful! Message to world Alcohol; Rainbow Colors; Muslims are going to change visitors’ religion….. Your teams need your support … Read more

Syria Fuel Shortages

Car makers are working now on suitable models for the Syrian market. Petrol stations, slow and long waiting lines… In banks, gangs are stealing something else nowadays… (watch this Syrian TV comedy short clip to know)

Seeking refuge in the truth

Sanctions, weapons, deaths, destruction, refugees… The news talks about nothing but these topics lately…

If someone talked in the favor of civilians, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are supporting one party over the other. It’s just that any solution that doesn’t end a war soon, is simply a chance to kill more innocents, maximize the number of refugees, and increase the suffering & poverty of even more people from all parties.

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Hejhej Syria

I’ve been interviewed by Anna about Syria. With her interesting questions and lovely approach, I hope you enjoy the interview published on her blog – comments are there too:

Thank you very much, Miss A, for giving me the opportunity to talk about Syria on your wonderful blog. Please note that the following answers were prepared by my whole family. We sat together for an hour or some drinking coffee and answering the interview’s questions 🙂

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