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I noticed lately that I’m posting a lot of links to posts of my blog and to the directory listings on my Twitter and Facebook.

Thanks for those who notified me that some are bothered with this… Thus, I initiated the following two accounts for this purpose: Site’s updates, links to my blog posts, and notification of new listings on MK Blog Directory.

You’re still able to reach me on my personal accounts too – check about page. Though, anything related to this website will be posted mainly on the above two social accounts. I apologize for inconvenience if any ๐Ÿ™‚

What about you?! do you use separate social accounts for your blog? Or you just use your personal account(s) for that purpose?

Mohamad Al Karbi

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  1. I gave up on Facebook and other social media – itโ€™s changed so much since the beginning and not for the better. Adverts, videos, tons of rubbish and posts that are of no interest me. One day I realised I didnโ€™t need any of it. So I just blog instead and leave on the rubbish where it belongs.

  2. The only social media I use now is Twitter which is mostly for blogging purposes. I often feel like Iโ€™m shouting into an abyss of nothingness when Iโ€™m on social media, so I stopped using FB, IG etc.


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