Seeking refuge in the truth

Sanctions, weapons, deaths, destruction, refugees… The news talks about nothing but these topics lately…

If someone talked in the favor of civilians, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are supporting one party over the other. It’s just that any solution that doesn’t end a war soon, is simply a chance to kill more innocents, maximize the number of refugees, and increase the suffering & poverty of even more people from all parties.

All of us in Syria, P alestine, Iraq, Ukraine… we know the feeling of losing someone to war, being displaced, seeking refuge, getting our homes destroyed…

refugee mom and kids

Our prayers and sympathy are always for the victims of wars.


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13 thoughts on “Seeking refuge in the truth”

  1. Innocent people are suffering in so many areas of the world – it is both frightening and heartbreaking to see and read. We send our donations and hope and pray it doesn’t happen to us.

  2. Corruption and greed plague both East and West. In war, a few profit while the majority suffer and die. Democracy should give power to the people, but sometimes voters believe the lies and false promises of manipulative, greedy politicians and elect autocratic leaders who do not care about anyone, including their own people. While we hope for peace, history repeats itself.

    Thank you, Mohamad, for your poignant post with the beautiful illustration. People everywhere still hope for peace and justice.


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