Seeking refuge in the truth

Sanctions, weapons, deaths, destruction, refugees… The news talks about nothing but these topics lately…

If someone talked in the favor of civilians, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are supporting one party over the other. It’s just that any solution that doesn’t end a war soon, is simply a chance to kill more innocents, maximize the number of refugees, and increase the suffering & poverty of even more people from all parties.

All of us in Syria, P alestine, Iraq, Ukraine… we know the feeling of losing someone to war, being displaced, seeking refuge, getting our homes destroyed…

refugee mom and kids

Our prayers and sympathy are always for the victims of wars.


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13 thoughts on “Seeking refuge in the truth”

  1. I also hope this madness of war ends soon. It’s so fruitless and cruel.

    On the news (forget where), there was a discussion of how Ukrainian refugees are being treated compared to ones from other countries, like Syria. The sad truth is that there are many double standards in this world. That is tragic, too.

  2. Like the rest of the world, I am heartbroken for what the Ukrainians are facing. It’s unconscionable. Putin obviously doesn’t care for the wellbeing of anyone, not even his own people. Russian citizens are suffering a lesser burden, but a burden all the same. All for the pride of a madman.

  3. So true. The present news doesn’t look behind at the aggression from the West….for decades, and how this war could have been avoided. And beyond all that, it is the dark powers that be that orchestrate all these wars, with over 40 of them happening now throughout the world, not just in Ukraine, and it is the innocents and those pushed into military that suffer the consequences. It is time for a timeline of Peace, irreversible peace, and abundance for all. Cuba has suffered under extreme sanctions for 60 years. Other countries, too, just because they don’t go along with the West’s desire to exploit and control them.

    On a side note, I know you used to follow my FB empower and balance page. I shut that down as with FB’s changes, I couldn’t figure out easily how to navigate the page even to just post something. I don’t have a business to promote anymore either, so I shut it down and now just have my personal FB page and my blog.

    Hope you are doing well!

  4. Where are the peacemakers? They did not roll into a sovereign nation with tanks and bombs. They are on the ground helping the suffering people. As a human race, we all need to do more to help our fellow man, but many still look for someone to blame for the suffering. It is not a West versus East or one ‘ism against another ‘ism, but that thinking (who is to be blamed?) is what instigates and then makes allowances for the cruelty that catches the innocent in the middle.


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