The Holy Quran

The Quran is a Holy and Divine book, The miracle bestowed upon Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him (PBUH). The Holy Quran is a book no human being could ever compose, only Allah (God) can, nor can it ever come from any but Allah.

Many insinuate that Muhammad PBUH was the one who composed the Holy Quran, but Muhammad PBUH was illiterate. He never learned to read and write, and he never attended a school. In reality, his town never even had a school. He lived in a faraway small town that knew not of the Greek or Romanian philosophy, nor of the literature of India and Iran. No one in that town was much knowledgeable of even the most minimal education.

Furthermore, Muhammad PBUH never left his town other than to go to a much similar town, if not a little bigger one, called Busra in Syria, and he only stayed there for a small number of days.

So how could Muhammad PBUH, who came from such circumstances, ever be capable of the composition of a work like no other?

There are many geniuses that the world knows of, geniuses that composed music at young ages, made significant discoveries that changed the world, wrote powerful verses that resonated to humankind. Yet however their intelligence, which might be a century ahead of their time, no one, in the entire history of mankind, has lived in events similar to those in which Muhammad PBUH lived, and managed to convey such a majestic work of art such as the Holy Quran.

The Holy Quran excels in both literary qualities and its unique approach to justice. It depicts an all-encompassing legal system that is flawless in every aspect. In regards to theology and knowledge of the unseen, it provides information that no one other has ever known – information that the human intellect is unable to perceive. Some of the information provided was discovered only 1300 years later, and other information still remains undiscovered.

The Holy Quran challenges all mankind. Never will anyone be able to produce the likes of it, any who try will fail.

Its excellence is noticeable in every chapter. It causes many to be enamored with it’s flawless wording, and detailed description to the hidden laws of the world. There are more facts and information that still remain undiscovered yet are written about in the Holy Quran. Every now and then scholars find some new information in it which contributes to human knowledge in general and to the better understanding of Islam by all.

Hence, constant reinterpretation of the Holy Quran is of utmost importance. Those with expertise in various fields, such as literature, law, astronomy, psychiatry, social science, and history, should approach its interpretation through the lens of their respective disciplines. Each can demonstrate that it is indeed the divine word by relating it to their specialized knowledge.
And so, the miracle of Muhammad PBUH, the Holy Quran, is ever present and renewed daily.

End Notes

Reference: Ali Tantawi (1989). ‘General introduction to Islam’ – ‘Faith in the Holy Books’ Chapter. Jeddan. Dar Almanara.

Translated from Arabic and summarized by Sham Al-Karbi (my daughter – 14 yrs old)

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  1. Thank you for the information, Mohamad.
    I cannot believe that Sham is fourteen already. How the time has flown. She sounds as though she’s still as bright and clever as she was as a small girl.

  2. I am so happy and so proud to see my beloved Sham’s genius unfold like a flower does. I have no doubt that her talent will flourish and shine in the sky of her bright future. Keep it up Shamo and let us enjoy reading your unique products.


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