Poems – Sham

Those are poems by my daughter “Sham” (11 years old) – without modifications. I think I’m going to make her a separate WordPress account to publish her own stuffs 🙂

Sham - my daughter

How love plays.

How simple, How small,
How delusionally a speck,
How simply infectious,
When many say it’s right,
How it pops in your brain,
When you least expect it,
How it then turns around,
Without you seeing it,
How you cry at the sound,
Of its soothing music,
How you feel the arrow,
cut through the wind,
When love is out of reach.

A long day

The screaming in your head,
gets louder and louder,
The pain in your arms,
Is pounding louder and louder,
The fire in your eyes,
Is burning louder and louder,
But why?
The pain is so clear,
You feel you are naked to all danger,
You’ve been stabbed so many times,
It’s hard to count all the pierces in your body,
You stagger forwards,
And let yourself get comfortable on your bed.


Harassed and caressed,
You ran away, screaming for help,
You remember the old days,
When you were six playing with rocks at the road,
In ragged and dirty clothes,
You were so poor, two days would pass,
And you forget to eat,
Imagine changing your clothes, ha!
But your heavy headache jeers you back to reality,
Now time has changed, for you were a superstar, nothing less,
But alas, when you are poor,
At least you don’t get…


Cheaters always want you,
To be loyal,
While they are unfaithful,
But you know that,
If you love someone you wont cheat,
If you want to cheat,
Set them free,
You also know that,
Trust is like a paper,
Once it is crumbled,
It can’t be perfect,
But all you could keep thinking was,
“I tried to keep us together,
You were busy keeping secrets.”

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