“Jollybean” the Demon

My daughter “Sham”, eight years old, read my other post “Scary Night”. She liked it a lot and was so amused by it… Today, she came excited with an idea, “Dad, I want you to share my own story with your friends”. She meant my WordPress friends. Since she had shown some special skills in composing stories, I’m here publishing her own story without any alteration – her own English words and style.

P.S., Sham in Arabic slang means Damascus (the capital of Syria)

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“Jollybean” the Demon

By Sham Al Karbi

The men were chatting in the sitting room. Up was a woman with a baby called “Zain”. While the men were chatting, the electricity was turned off and thunder was heard. A demon came in holding a knife with blood and flesh on it. The demon went upstairs knowing the woman and her child was there. The demon threatened her that if she didn’t guess his name in three days, he’ll take Zain her child. The woman was devastated, really devastated, and felt like crying.

The first day, the women thought of every name she knew and told it to the demon. But he just laughed cruelly and went.

Second day, before the demon came, the woman let her husband go to find the weirdest names he ever heard and write them on the paper she gave him. When her husband came back, he told her he didn’t find any name. But on the mountain, in the witch’s forest, he saw a demon near the tinny cottage singing “la la la, my name is Jollybean and the woman will never guess”. The woman clapped her hands happily. But the demon didn’t come because it was raining.

When the demon came back next day, the women pretended that she didn’t know his name. She said, is your name Jolly? Or is it Bean? No, laughed the demon. Then is it Jollybean asked the woman.

WHAT?! Screamed Jollybean and vanished forever because he was frustrated of his situation.

The End

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