We all know about Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. But have you ever tried NextCloud?

It’s almost the same. The only difference is that NextCloud is an open source app that you EITHER install on your own server (difficult), or on hosted server (easy and affordable). But why to pay or bother when you can get the cloud service from other alternatives almost free?!



If you’re hosting NextCloud on your computer, then it’s only you who have access to your stored data. If you’re hosting with others, there are trusted provides in countries where your privacy is protected by law (e.g., Switzerland). Furthermore, you’re still able to encrypt where it’s you who have the encryption key.


You can connect NextCloud to your domain (e.g., So, when you share a stored file or a calendar event with others, they receive a link from your domain…

More services and add-ons

It’s not only cloud space but it can be photos management, contacts, and calendars… AND, it’s available on most platforms.

Here are some good providers based on my experience:


Fast, reliable, and trusted.


Very fast, but I know nothing about the company; literately, there is no information about the company!

Good reputation but over my short testing, I found it slow.

View other providers suggested by NextCloud.

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