You’re going to love this theme for sure. It’s very neat and very well designed. I was thinking much of switching to it lately. I’m still using Twenty Twelve! Rowling Theme is also very similar to Lovecraft but I haven’t really tested it yet.


  • Well-designed. It means no much CSS work is required.
  • Large scale for those who love large display.


  • No cropping for featured images
  • The author images (avatars) are not displaying well. However, this can be fixed through CSS.

My main issue was the red color. There is no direct easy way to change the theme color (links and other stuffs). Changing that in CSS involves many attributes:

blockquote:after, a, a:visited, a:hover, a:focus, a:active, .main-navigation ul li:hover>a, .main-navigation ul li.focus>a , .posts-navigation a:hover, .widget_archive li a:hover, .widget_categories li a:hover, .widget_meta li a:hover, .widget_nav_menu li a:hover, .widget_pages li a:hover, .widget_authors li a:hover, #wp-calendar thead th, #wp-calendar tfoot a:hover, .jetpack_widget_social_icons a:hover, .widget_wpcom_social_media_icons_widget a:hover, .search-submit:hover .genericon, .comments-title span a, .comment-author a:hover, .comment-navigation a:hover, .comment-navigation a:focus, .comment-navigation a:active, .site-info .sep, .site-info a:hover,  .search-toggle:hover, .search-toggle:active, .search-toggle:focus,, .main-navigation ul li:hover>a, .mobile-search .search-submit:hover, .post-navigation a:hover, .main-navigation a:hover , .entry-meta a

.main-navigation ul>.page_item_has_children>a:after,
.main-navigation ul>.menu-item-has-children>a:after

.entry-content .page-links a:hover, .tags-links a:hover, .tagcloud a:hover, #infinite-handle span:hover, .bypostauthor .comment-author img, .menu-toggle:hover .bar, .menu-toggle:active .bar, .menu-toggle:focus .bar, .bar, .footer-widgets .tagcloud a:hover, .sticky-post

border-right-color: #ca2017
.tags-links a:hover:before, .tagcloud a:hover:before, .footer-widgets .tagcloud a:hover:before

.entry-meta a:hover, .widget-title

In case, you’re interested, here is the full CSS customization to generate the current design of my site:

Download the TXT file


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