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This post might be more for those who are into CSS and with a WordPress premium plan. As I mentioned earlier, I like to keep my design the same on all platforms and themes I use. That’s, the blue banner with rounded logo, menu & search box at top, boxed posts, and rounded widgets at right side.

I’m still using Twenty Twelve. Please check my other post here where I talked in details about how I customized it to generate this design. You may also refer to this post for a comparison between Twenty Twelve and Twenty Sixteen themes.

Now, here is the full CSS customization for Twenty Sixteen Theme to generate the current design of my site:

Download the TXT file

As I used the theme for one week only, there might be space for more modifications and enhancements. Additionally, here are some extra codes to enhance the buttons and the ugly in-between thick black lines. I haven’t used those in the file to keep the size of customization around 5KB.

input[type=submit], .pagination .prev,
.pagination .next, .pagination:before,
.pagination:after {
background: #fff;
border: 1px solid #d1d1d1 !important;
color: #000;

input[type=submit]:hover, input[type=submit]:focus, .comments-area #respond p.form-submit input#comment-submit:hover, .comments-area #respond p.form-submit input#comment-submit:focus, .pagination .prev:hover,
.pagination .next:hover, .pagination .prev:focus,
.pagination .next:focus {
background: #fff;
border: 1px solid #21759b !important;
color: #21759b !important;

.comments-title, .comment-reply-title {
border: none;

.page-header, .post-navigation, .pagination, .post-navigation div + div {
border-width: 1px;
border-color: #ddd;

26 thoughts on “Customizing CSS in Twenty Sixteen Theme”

      • Glad it was helpful for you, Renata. Please go to:
        My Site at top left corner / Customize button under Themes of Personalize menu. Then choose CSS from the menu there and paste the code.
        I’ve updated the file with explaining notes for most parts of the code. However, it’s better to delete them to save in the size of the file. Please don’t hesitate asking about anything isn’t clear.

  1. Hi Mohammad,
    I enjoy reading and how professional you are.
    As I missed out on my whole world of technology due to been institutionised for Borderline Personality Disorder and am doing a little blog on a smartphone.
    I started computer classes last week and started my blog approximately 10 days ago and I didn’t blog yesterday.
    I have been told I am very high functioning and yes I found the computer classes very easy and bought a tablet yesterday.
    Anyway I think you follow my posts, and although not a professional and also not knowing how to display, add videos or attachments enjoy writing.
    I have recovered from Borderline Personality Disorder and live a wonderful life in Ireland no longer suicidal.
    Anyway I like reading your blogs and your professional.
    Cheers Mo X

    • I have a great pleasure following your posts. Thank you for your kind words, Maureen. Let me know if I can be of any help for you. I’m sure you’re enjoying your time in Ireland; I’ve read a lot about its beauty

      • Hi Mohammad,
        I’m all new to this world of blogging and possibly would like to write a book some day!!
        For the present time I’m just enjoying my recovery and life back. It’s taken a long time and how I survived is a mystery, I don’t know if you believe in miracles, but, perhaps now I do. As I had already said my mam passed away on January 6th last. She was very religious and I’m a spiritual person. I visited my mother every day for 3 years as she slowly deteriorated from Alzheimer’s disease. To the end even though she had lost all memory I feel she still knew and cherished me. I broke her heart with all my self destructive behaviour but she was always there by my side. I was privileged to be holding her hand as she died and I now believe she is still at my side and the reason behind my recovery.
        Cheers and love Mo

      • I’m so touched with your story, Maureen. Sorry to hear about your Mom. May her soul rest in peace; but I’m also glad to know things are better there now. Wish you good luck in your book and the world of blogging…

      • Hi Mohammad, many thanks for all your compliments and blessings for my late mom. I’m so new to this world of blogging and don’t think I’ll have time to blog today unfortunately. Weather in Ireland is unusually hot and yes it has taken a long time and work to recover. Life is fascinating and precious now. I’ve a few things to catch up with today and this evening and if I get a chance will read a couple of blogs that I enjoy 😊, yours been one and the people you guide. You’re very professional and I love that.
        Keep in touch.
        Love Mo

      • Hi Mohammad, I actually did blog today on my iPhone out in my back garden. As you know I’ve no computer experience and when I tried to publish the blog was saved to my device but didn’t publish. I think it was because of no wifi outside. Any ideas on how to retrieve and publish. Thanks Mo

      • I think iPhone app is similar to Android’s. Thus, all draft posts have a “Publish” button. Theoretically, I believe that clicking the publish button will publish the post if it hadn’t

      • Hi thanks Mohammad for your tip and I’ll give it a try. You really are a gentleman and very kind.
        Regards and love Mo

      • Thanks Mohammad, I did lose my blog from yesterday but not to worry these things happen when you’re new to all this. Whatever I did to my phone every email was going into junk, but I visited a technical guy today and he sorted it all out for me. Everything is back up and running.
        I have a lot of trust and faith in you for some strange reason.
        Love Mo

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