Life in Rome

Street Experience

In reference to my other post about Rome, here are some aspects of life I experienced there

Most of the scenes in my videos were taped in Rome. Some are also old; I tried to enhance them and reproduce them in a different way. Hope you enjoy it…

Please refer to All roads lead to Rome.

Food Experience

Wow, you can’t have enough from pasta and risotto there

Do you love Italian food?
What is your favorite cuisine?

45 thoughts on “Life in Rome”

  1. I’m married to an Italian. My mother-in-law makes everything from scratch. It doesn’t get anymore authentic. She also has a large garden, so I have been enjoying cooking with her fresh tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers. Probably my most favorite dish of hers is her lasagna. Sadly, I no longer eat it because I no longer eat meat, but her home-made, lasagna noodles melt in your mouth.

  2. We loved the food in Rome – and dining on footpaths inches away from buzzing scooters and tiny cars. The atmosphere really adds to the dining experience! And the wine’s pretty good too 😜


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