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There are many well known brands in this market vary between simple to very advanced. Personally, I prefer fitness watches to smart watches because I already have a smart phone! Internet is full with comparisons and reviews about such watches. I’m just writing my experience and how I decided on my current watch.

Microsoft Band 2

Microsoft Band 2
Microsoft Band 2

Microsoft seems to abandon MS Health and there would be no MS Band 3. For me, it was one of the best especially with sleep statistics (and manual sleep control). Not to mention the flexibly in training plans. It was affordable too. Unfortunately, I have to leave it and find an alternative.


Fitbit Surge
Fitbit Surge

I used Fitbit Surge before my MS Band. Almost all of the Fitbit watches are affordable. Honestly, my main concern here is the appearance. I don’t like to wear any of the Fitbit’s while at work. Performance is good in many aspects though.

I also don’t understand why support for Android phones is limited! Why would an iPhone owner buy Fitbit’s over Apple watch? Limited support for Android’s means probable issues with Connected GPS feature – some way to force me buying the one with build-in-GPS…

The limitation of training plans comparing to MS Bands and other running apps (such as Endomondo) was another factor for me. I could understand that they are now providing other types of fitness workouts with paid subscription.

Garmin Fitness Watch

I’ve always been in love with those classy watches. They have some models that are very good looking to wear all the time (including work) with no shame. They are very expensive – especially the good ones. I wanted to go with Vivoactive 3 that is similar to Fitbit Ionic in features and price. However, I didn’t like the reviews about it, mainly the  brightness of display. I decided hence on Fenix 5s. It might be a little bit expensive but durable and fancy.

It’s almost perfect in all features except for sleep tracking. Sleep often needs manual adjustment but it’s not bad after all – not as good as Fitbit. Personally, I found MS Band sleep tracking is more informative than Fitbit. The training plans are wonderful with cardio support; this reminds me of myCoach from Adidas. The display isn’t as bright as in MS Band but still very clear in day light.

Extra Comparison:

Running Details

Sleeping Details

Final Word:

If there were MS Band 3, I would have not left. If you can afford Garmin’s, they are real sport watches. You won’t go wrong with Fitbit too.

P.S., helpful websites for transferring/synchronizing data: fitnesssyncer & tapiriik.

Do you use Fitness Watches? Or, do you prefer Smart Watches?

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  1. I love my SmartWatch, in my case I have an Apple Watch Series 3. I had a Fitbit in the past but I felt was very limited. Of course, I am talking few years behind now but since I been always Loved Apple product and their interaction with my other device I haven’t open my self much to the others brand, the Garmin looks interesting :-).

    • Thank you, Silverio. Yes, Garmin looks great and till this time, I still love it and don’t feel that I want to take it off my hand. It’s very suitable even during formal work time. It (especially Fenix) goes a little bit beyond other watches in Sport field. However, I don’t believe you will go wrong with Apple watch.

    • I think Fitbit Blaze looks better than Ionic. Ionic is better though. But, yes, the fancy look helps in keep wearing the watch more often. Garmin has a fancy watch (Vivoactive 3) that is less expensive than Fenix but with less features of course. But a normal person like me won’t notice the difference I guess. Another reason was durability. For me, Garmin’s looked much durable than Fitbit’s. Thank you, Joanna.

  2. I love this blog. I have been working on a blog about fitness watches myself and i should be posting it soon! I have never owned a garmin watch, but that is my next investment. Now only are they top of the line, but the look and design of them make it an everyday watch that you can wear anywhere. Until then, I will stick with my fitbit haha.

    • Thank you, Bobby. I’d love to read your blog for sure. This topic is interesting. I can assure that Garmin (especially, Fenix) is a everyday / all time watch. But from normal use, it doesn’t give a lot more than what fitbit offers. However, when you buy such a watch, you’ll forget the matter for 2 or 3 years…


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