Espanya: A Fusion of Everything!

For three years in a row, I could not miss a summer without visiting beautiful Spain <3. Espanya, as called by the Catalan, has a special place in my heart. While I believe that people should not be the same to get along, such differences could be problematic when friends of different tastes travel together. This may not be an issue if Spain was the destination. Spain has a lot to offer to everyone who is interested in history, culture, sports, nature, or nightlife. Oh and I will not forget the great food and the great people.

Barcelona, Spain. 2013

It would only take few minutes of walking in any of Barcelona’s streets like Passeig de Gràcia or Carrer Petritxol to notice the mesmerizing architecture by the famous Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudi. He is most famous for the Basílica de la Sagrada Família or the cathedral of the Holy Family (a must visit!). The cathedral is a symbolic stone representation of the Christian faith and the Family of Nazareth as a model for a united family. The cathedral’s construction is known for the long time its taking. I really can’t wait to see the final look (estimated to be in 2028). Park Guell is another famous work by Gaudi.

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Spain is brimful with a rich culture. In southern Spain, Andalucia is known for its Arabic architecture and beautiful fountains. Also, in Northern Spain, the flamenco dancing with the fierce singing and leg stomping is mind-blowing.

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Moreover, Spain has a wide selection of authentic and very tasty dishes to offer to all the foodie travelers out there! Every restaurant has a wide selection of tapas, or small plates, to offer. My favorite Spanish dish is the famous Paella <3

Paella = Yummy overdose!

Sport fanatics all around the world know that Spain is a hot spot especially for football (or soccer.) Spain is the home for a couple of Europe’s (and the world’s) most famous football teams such as Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

At Camp Nou (Barca fan alert ;))


Around 471 KMs (1 hour flight) away from Madrid, the capital, lies one of the biggest party capitals in Europe and the whole world: Ibiza <3. There has not been a person I know that has been to Ibiza once and did not want to go again and again. Ibiza is known for its nonstop parties. Some of the world’s most famous DJs live in Ibiza. The day usually starts with a pre party by the pool or the beach. Ibiza is also famous for some of the world’s best beaches. Then, there is usually a party in other clubs from the afternoon till midnight, followed by another party somewhere else that lasts till the break of dawn!

Ushuaia: Ibiza’s most famous nightclubs.


If you have already been to Spain before, you would know that one article would never do justice in describing the beauty of Spain! If you have not been yet, then it should go on top of your “must visit” list. The people and the land are both very mesmerizing and very inviting. Spain has something of everything to offer. If you are a blogger who is usually inspired by nature, history, culture, food, or people, you will leave Spain with lots of stories to write about! As, Daniel Boulud, a famous French chef, once said  “Spain will always remain inspirational.”


Gracias 😊

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