Exhausted Men – Combative Women

Three of my colleagues are on vacation. I also have an extra project that I’m working on… I  have some family overseas issues which are occupying my mind in searching for solutions. Relatively, there are some emotional pressure due to the surrounding political events… Have I mentioned the extra financial obligations as the start of school year is just around the corner?

bertengkarI reach home exhausted with no power for extra demands or arguing. However, staying silent or quitting arguments drives you crazy, ladies, doesn’t it!

I’d totally appreciate your help answering this for me:
What women want?

87 thoughts on “Exhausted Men – Combative Women”

  1. Oh dear! What makes you think we know what we want …lol…Not silence or one word answers that is for sure..and to ask how our day has been ….Before you tell us how yours has gone or has not gone and then maybe you will come home one day and get asked before you have removed your shoes how was your day today and be given a cup tea and told to sit down and rest before your dinner… Thank you for the follow 🙂

    • Very expressive… I’m pretty sure that being kind (such as asking how was your day) will be rewarded… In some cases, when life is bad, one might forget this but s/he will try to compensate it in other way. Thank you very much, Carol. I’m very honored to follow your blog.


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