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Always the hardest thing to write! Well, I am Egyptian, born and raised in UAE. I am a marketeer and a business professional with a passion for academia. I love: traveling, eating, cycling, swimming (especially in rivers and waterfalls <3), partying, writing (duh!), reading and meeting new people (and animals). I believe that the best way of living is to find a “balance” between any two extremes that we face and that should be the best balance that suit us as unique individuals. So, lets meet, and find balance together ;)

Espanya: A Fusion of Everything!

For three years in a row, I could not miss a summer without visiting beautiful Spain <3. Espanya, as called by the Catalan, has a special place in my heart. While I believe that people should not be the same to get along, such differences could be problematic when friends of different tastes travel together. This may not be an issue if Spain was the destination. Spain has a lot to offer to everyone who is interested in history, culture, sports, nature, or nightlife. Oh and I will not forget the great food and the great people.


Barcelona, Spain. 2013

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