Digital Pen

Does any one use digital pen for writing?


Is it only me, or is the school of my daughter becoming crazy?! Why should I pay a fortune for an iPad or Surface with pen so the education goes paperless!

I find myself faster when I type on keyboard. 🙂

P.S., I finished my education up to the Master’s with a paper and pen! I’m very old 😀

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  1. Shame on the schools for even suggesting you need to spend $$$ so they can cut expenses. That’s rather presumptuous of them. Children need to learn how to “write” a term paper, essay or whatever, without technology. Ok, I’m old, too 😉

    • Well being old wasn’t an excuse. The issue with kids is that they compare themselves to others. So, if the other students brought one, the other will feel sad for not bringing the smae. However, i totally agree with, Dorinda, how to write is the what should be concentrated on at the first place

    • You have a very young heart with a very mature mind. You’re the best, Linda. i was tempted my self to try this technology and i did. It’s amazing. But i don’t agree with it’s suitability for kids’ learning process

      • I agree with that. Bill does some substitute teaching and he was appalled to find out that kids no longer know how to write in cursive. He works with a lot of kids who have behavioral issues, too. When they are ‘good,’ their reward is screen time on an iPad. That is all so foreign to me. When I was a kid, we went to school and learned how to actually write. We were expected to behave ourselves and weren’t rewarded for it. However, we were certainly punished if we didn’t!

  2. My wife is an artist. She uses one for drawing, but not for writing. Well, I say that although she did once design a poster for a local theatre who were staging a production of The Emporer’s New Clothes. She drew one design with a view of the nude Emporer from behind. The theatre loved it but worried that cartoon naked buttocks might be inappropriate for a family show. She had another design she hadn’t finished that showed many of the other characters. She sent them that with an explanation that it was only a draft. They didn’t read the email properly and had it printed as a poster. It looked great, but the eagle-eyed would notice Sandy’s small note-to-herself in the bottom corner, scribbled with her digital pen, saying “draw emporer in pants”.

    • Thank you, George, for the contribution. We’d love to see the poster 🙂 Honestly, drawing and baking up the draws immediately to the cloud makes life easier i confess. The pen (when i tried it) is amazing in respoding and giving the real sense of real pen… On the other hands, my wife write a lot in her hands as she prefers handwriting over typing, and when she suffered from losing a lot of her writing, she was shocked to see the new technology and wanted one. So, i have to bring another one for my wife too hehehe

  3. Last year I upgraded my six year old iPad to an iPad pro and I bought the pen. I’m no longer teaching IT and I cannot draw, so you may well wonder why I purchased the pen in the first place,good question, short answer…I haven’t a clue! I saw a new toy and that was me smitten, kind of like Ooh shiny!
    I’ve doodled with it when the paint pad pops up, but that’s about it. I tried to annotate e-mails and photos and was disappointed to find I couldn’t do that either. I expected more.

    • Thank you, Sue. Yes, indeed, we do a lot of purchases in deed for the purposes of trying and maybe something new to play with. I do it a lot with technology. I purchase a lot of thing not because i do need them but rather just to have a knowledge and testing… To be honest, the whole iPad (or large tabs) didn’t work with me. I just couldn’t think of them of more than a copybook. They can’t replace my phone or my laptop!


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