Online education! but…

OnlineEducationMy Professional degree requires that I maintain specific hours of CPE (Continuing Professional Education) every year.

Being at home during the lockdown, I’m trying to increase the amount of webinars and online classes I’m attending for CPE purposes.

“INCREASE THE AMOUNT”.. hmm.. this has some consequences….

One of the sessions I registered lately was managed by SheLeadsTech. Of course, I haven’t paid much attention for that then nor did I read the details fully. So, when the virtual conference started, I was embarrassed that I was the only male there!!

Well, I’m grateful to have an opportunity to attend such a valuable session – no body kicked me out because I’m male… AND, thanks to my wife and my daughter for giving me time to explain the situation, i.e, engaging with some beautiful ladies in front of the screen of my laptop! hehehe

18 thoughts on “Online education! but…”

    • Thanks a lot Jan for your kind words. After this post, i received a message from them explaining that i wasn’t the only male in the session as this wasn’t meant for females only 😉

    • It was fun situation and interesting topic. Honestly, i received a message later from them confirming that this session wasn’t meant for females only and it was misunderstanding from my side

    • Sure, gut your point William. Me too, I was raised up by a wonderful lady; and the best of my professors at university were females. I salute them from here and all wonderful women…

    • Thanks a lot, Ren. To be honest it was useful and interesting lecture. Glad I attended and as I mentioned in somewhere that some of them contacted me later to explain that i wasn’t the only male there!


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