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I am grateful to Mohamad for inviting me to be a guest author on his blog. I will be writing more than one post, for I have a lot to share in the “Around the World” category. I will be focusing on one of the two states where I have lived in America: Michigan and California.

Knowing Michigan (mIH-shih-guhn) the best, I will begin with a poem I created. If you are not familiar with Michigan, you are in for quite a treat, for it is the only state in America, of its kind.

Welcome to Michigan

a poem for the renagain original collection

solid blue image of the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan USA

Michigan has two pieces of land
Miles of beaches and lots of sand

sand dunes on lake michigan
Lake Michigan sand dunes

panoramic view of the Great Lakes beaches

Four Great Lakes surround them, you see
Michigan, Superior, Huron and Erie
Which creates peninsulas of both lands
Connected by a bridge, made by hands

an aerial view of the two peninsulas of Michigan in America showing the great lakes surrounding them

solid blue image of the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan USA

So GREAT are the Lakes, they are actually SEAS
Salt free, very deep and full of fishies

rolling waves of lake michigan hit shore. Dark clouds mingle with light ones in a blue sky. A bank of clouds in the far distance on the horizon
Lake Michigan skies

a small pile of oval stickers showing Michigan. Great Lakes www.mi.gov/

The Mackinac Bridge connects the two
At five miles long, you get quite a view
It was envisioned in the late 1800’s
After much thought and several blunders
By 1957, “Big Mac” was done
Driving across is lots of fun

a long view of the 5 mile Mackinac Bridge in Michigan

Mackinac is a word that’s unique, it’s true
Not many can pronounce it, how ’bout you?
The “c” at the end, sounds like “aw”
This is how you say it, Mack-i-naw!

~ ren

I was born, raised and lived in Michigan for the first 50+ years of my life. Oh, let me tell you, it is a beautiful state, with acres upon acres of wooded forests. The further north, the older and more majestic the trees become. It is said, Michigan’s native land (hundreds of years ago) was so dense with woods, you could not see the sun. And then certain ‘people’ came and virtually raped the land. Timber was a huge industry in the 1800’s forward.

Michigan has all four seasons, with winter being the longest and harshest of them all. Sub freezing temps, gusting and blowing snow-filled winds can sometimes freeze the Great Lakes. When the Lakes freeze over, then Michigan is in for a horrendous winters end, for the open waters actually protect the state from the Canadian arctic above.

Spring is very heartwarming as you witness life coming forth from the once frozen land. The birds return and fill the air with their songs. The longer days bring more sun which thaws the earth so crops can be planted.

Summer is lots of fun in the sun, on the beach, in the waters. There are also many lakes, rivers and waterfalls within the state. Swimming, fishing, hiking, biking, art shows, farmer markets, beer fests; you name it, there is always something happening somewhere in Michigan.

The Autumn colors are beyond spectacular. People come from around the world to experience the Fall colors of Michigan. The Upper Peninsula being the grandest of all. I could go on and on and I will, at another time….

Thank you for reading along.

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13 thoughts on “Michigan USA ~ Welcome”

  1. Amazing post, Ren. Thank you for giving me the honor and pleasure of having something of your writings posted here. I’ve read a lot about the lakes in Michigan and i have many friends from here. Hope some day i be able to visit there…

    • Thank you, Mohamad. the pleasure was/is mine. I could not decide on ‘one post’, so I hope you don’t mind that I continue to add a few others along the way. It was not my plan….it just flowed that way.

      I also look forward to the day that you write about your visit to Michigan. Perhaps the lakes will sing to you. Don’t forget to visit the forests, for they will speak to you and they are great listeners.

      • A visit from you would be wonderful, thank you. (I keep thinking you have already visited Michigan) However, you best plan a long trip, I now live in California, over 2400 mi/3800 km west of Michigan.

  2. Michigan has always been one of my favorite states. It’s like two states in one. I’ve always wanted to visit the UP. During the few times I’ve visited the lower portion, I’ve found it to be very much like my home state of Maine. Your photos are awesome! Now I want to travel across that bridge!

    • Hi there and thank you for reading and injoying my post. I am excited to know you have visited the Lower Peninsula and I love how it mates up with your Maine weather back home. Having had that experience, when you do find your way across the bridge, you will discover that the Upper is its own world and way different than the lower.

  3. Thanks Ren. I grew up in Michigan. I enjoyed your share. I miss all that you talk about but the harsh winters.

    • Hi Gary! I had forgotten that you came from Michigan. Thank you for reading my post and commenting. To be honest, it was the harsh winters (along with the ‘sleeping state’ of the State in general) that helped to drive my son and I west, into the heat (and wonderful vibes) of California. I look forward to your reading my next entry…thank you again for your support in joining me here! (warm hugz)


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